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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bramma Fires Back At Konshens

S-Lock recording artiste Bramma, aka Bramma Di Gorilla, has unearthed a new wave of controversy following the release of a new single titled 'Sub Machine' which sees him taking a series of lyrical jabs at Konshens and members of his Subkonshus team.

Bramma, who had earlier this year accused Konshens of hijacking his slang 'gorilla', says this new song is due to the disparaging remarks made by Konshens at a popular college event.

In the song Bramma deejays:
"Somebody tell Konshens a nuh jus song man sing...
Dem a talk, but mi know dem fear mi
Boy a talk bout sub, try know say a sub-machine.
Memba Raine Seville tell me say you ... Catherine, dats why you lef Sherlock, caan touch Papine ...
Dem jealous, yuh nuh see say dem jealous.
Box dung Darrio, and Delus, vex dem vex tru di whole streets a say us. When di war start, don't beg us ..." [LISTEN FULL SONG]

According to Bramma, he as been focusing on his career, but was disrespected by Konshens at an event.

"A one year me a walk out dah yute yah enuh and him still a try trouble me. Mi book fi the show, Konshens never even book fi the show and when mi reach him deh pon stage a perform. The event finish at 9 p.m, and 9 o' clock come and him still deh pon the stage. Dem signal to him and tell him say I was backstage and the man start throw word pon me," Bramma said.

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